Betts Manhole Cover Vent - Vent In/ Pressure Out

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406 and 306 Pressure/Vacuum Normal Vent

  • Dual Purpose Vent
  • Roll Over Protection
  • Compact Design
  • Interior Mount

A normal vent designed for use on MC306 & DOT406 cargo tanks. Model 6496 has a pressure setting per 178.346-3(b)(2) of “not less than 1 PSIG” and a vacuum setting per 178.346-3(c)(2) “no more than 6 ounces” which allows for efficient recovery of vapors during closed system loading and off-loading. Unique roll over protection retains product at any attitude of rollover. Vent is flow tested and marked.

NOTE: While normal vents provide limited vapor venting during loading/unloading, it is recommended that positive vapor valves (typically air operated) be provided when loading/unloading with the manhole closed. If positive vapor valves are not used, insure normal vent is functioning properly or open manhole cover before beginning loading/unloading. Failure to do so may result in head reversals or other tank failure.

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